“To recognise and further the advances of theatre technology and technical ability predominantly within amateur theatre”


East Hampshire's charitable group, The Green "A" Team, was established as a voluntary organisation to provide technical theatre resources and expertise to productions and events in and around Petersfield, Hampshire, UK.  All of its members are proud to be part of a registered charity (1080562) and that none of them ever receives remuneration for any work or service they provide on its behalf.  The ever growing technical theatre equipment list however, is moderately charged for when used. When asked why join, the Chairman replied: "Our members join because they majorily enjoy doing things challenging, creative and technical as a hobby or interest. Being part of a team of people creating one outcome is highly rewarding for all involved in its evolution. We even have members who are still employed within the entertinment industries too. What a Busman's holiday that is!" 

Official Logo of The Green"A" Team of Petersfield a Voluntary Charity for Technical theatre; Original Artwork © Michael D. Finch
Chicago Musical Theatre animated light sign hire from The Green "A" Team


- A Rapid Dash back in Time


Back in the early 1960’s a young  Ms. Janet Somers, an Engineering graduate somehow got pestered into helping put up “those darn lights and run the switchboard”, for choral concerts and plays in the Petersfield Town Hall.  Subsequently she “fused” together with another Engineering graduate, Mr. Simon Auty.  


As their enjoyment of lighting and effects for the amateur dramatic arts spread far and wide - as far as The Minack Theatre in the West Country every summer for a while, -  they needed to keep hold of the odd bits of radial mains cast-offs and splitters - i.e. 5A and 15A plugs, sockets, cables and adapters.   Ask them to tell the story of “cooking” the asbestos cables between shows at The Minack.


Stumbling over a pot of gloss or enamel green paint one day, they both set about labeling their equipment with something practical...  Naturally the initial of their now marital surname seemed the most obvious and of course recognisable by those who may find the occasional piece of kit skulking behind a pair of black tabs upstage after a get-out.  


And there, in the cursory flick of a hog hair paint brush,  over five decades of historic and creative arts was set, and, during the initial stages of the formation of this organisation, it was unanimously declared that it shall be named after the majoritative benefactors of plant and equipment, Simon and Janet Auty - So, welcome to, The Green “A” Team.

silhouetteof man with cans on in blue environment technical theatre

"...Just because it's not on stage, it certainly isn't boring or less fun..."

Award Winning Lighting Design, Special Effects and Sound Design provided by The Green "A" Team for Winton Players 2018 Production of Birdsong Directed by Roger Wettone; Original Photograph ©Michael D Finch MMXVIII

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