AV square one reset

Contrary to contractual belief, there is currently NO CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION for the User of the Festival Hall to reset any technical equipment whatsoever.  There used to be, and at some point, Council have removed it.  however, the expectation and understanding is that Users will, and indeed do perform a Square One return at the end of their use. 


Two of the biggest and time consuming returns are Lighting and Sound (AV), followed very closely by Stage Drapery.

On this page diagrams and pictures will help you to return the AV to the expected operational use.  It cannot talk you through each step, and anyone that is expecting this page to do that shouldn't be performing a reset.  It does require prior knowledge and basic competence.  Incorrect reset could cause damage tot eh systems.  

Like everything else:


Sound Desk - to be within the Sound Pod and fully plugged up with multi-loom connections as arranged on the benching. 

This must include the additional 6-way loom that incorporates Matrices 1 -6 for the NEXO speakers and control units.  It does not include the "Cinema" Loom.

All Desk circuits should be set:


Phantom power OFF


GAIN to 0dB

PAN to Centre

EQ to O or the O'Clock position

AFL/PFL button OUT

Routing Selector buttons ALL OUT

Channel fader set at ∞ (infinity) 


All Auxiliary Sends, Group and Master faders to ∞

3 x MAIN NEXO AMPS : All master dials to no more than the O'Clock position

1 x FOLDBACK AMP: No greater than 25% of maximum output

Sub woofer active sources are not part of the square one arrangement.

The system must be proof tested before leaving and proven to be operational in this mode.

Extension Multi-Core Reel to be stowed under desk.

FX and peripheral rack to be placed to left of desk, fully plugged and operational

Portable PSU place atop of the rack and cabled to centre rear of sound desk.

All racks and above to be powered only from dedicated "Clean Power"  fed outlets.  No extraneous equipment to share clean power. e.g. Vacuum cleaners, drills etc.  

Various flow and line diagrams are shown here to explain the audio pathway.


The BPO 316 Jackfield in the Sound POD IS NOT a 1/4 inch jackfield compare the two plugs to see the difference.  

The 316 Jackfield is NORMALISED.  This means that NO JACK PATCH PLUGS are required to patch equipment in, if the designated channel is used as the field label. Consequently at least the first 12 mic channels are "plug and play" from stage, without further intervention. Refer to the detailed Jack field list on the Pod Wall.

AV Square One

This page is unfinished and requires the diagrams  

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