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2022 - New Year News from our Patron

I am sure I am not alone when the feeling that normality in a theatre arts way, here, in Petersfield, seems a very very long time ago. But, there is truly hope and light this side of the Spring, as long as we do not suffer further variants or venue ‘white rabbits‘. But you are not getting me to stake a claim or recommend a bet either way.

So, instead, I thought I would share with you a link from our Patron, Paul Anderson. He is thankfully one of the freelancers in the industry still there! and doing well too. Paul is working again with Rufus Norris, Artistic Director of our National Theatre, on their new Winter season Musical ‘Hex’ based upon the story of Sleeping Beauty. In a brief Christmas Message to me, he sent a link from the NT with their trailer for the show. (Below)

So, if you fancy a train journey and a 10 minute walk from Waterloo Station, then the National, is your next stop!

Don’t forget that on our website we have the ABTT Sightline magazine, both archive and current editions, that enables you to read what industry is up to and, to see a specific event or production write-up; not to mention the Safety Matters section which, of course, is the ultimate in bedtime reading matter for any insomniacs… Just Login to the Members section and click on the Read ABTT Sightline choices. ( I am aware that there are a few immediate editions that are yet to appear, and we are ‘dealing with that’ asap)


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