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Going to Black!

No one would believe it if you said that the entire ... was going to stop in 2020; it has.

For us as a voluntary Charity it isn’t immediately a crisis, but it will become one eventually.

For now, we must all think about each other and ensure that everyone has everything they need. The “Give the NHS the clap” session every Thursday is deafening here, which reminds me how much of a community we are. Perhaps here, you techno ones can contribute to a virtual version of that? Better than Netflix for ten minutes surely?

it would be great to get all of the Arts groups in PETERSFIELD to be part of it and contribute... that’s how community oriented we should be. We should be the suggestion, the persuading hand, the arm of comfort, metaphorically presently of course, but when we all return, which we will, we must ensure that we physically do the same.

if we learn anything from this isolation, let it be the appreciation of being appreciated . Not all of us our at home either, many members are STILL expected to go to work daily irrespective of the fact that, excusing maybe one, their work is not of crisis importance. It is legal, but it is also bloody unbelievable too! To those of you, who I preserve the anonymity purposely, we are all thinking of you and hoping that you manage to get through this unscathed. To each and every one of you;

do something up here! I’ve come away from FB & FBM so not a clue what’s being said - I have my reasons, but I am a tad busy elsewhere with slightly more important matters...



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