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National Theatre Documents from Paul

For some bizarre reason, these documents from Paul did not appear the other end of the email. in order to stop bunging up In Boxes any further, I have put them here for you instead.

You will have 3 pdfs consisting of:

  1. The Olivier Stage equivalent to a Square 1 Rig plan

  2. A Production Schedule from Start to Finish - how difficult is it really ...?

  3. Paul's actual lighting design for the production

Paul is very interested inholding a Zoom Q&A and so I rely on you to indicate your interest in partaking. Luc has kindly said he will partake too, as he used to be head of LX on that very stage - and worked with Paul too.


[BASIC] CURRENT - Olivier Theatre Lighting Plan - Jan 2019 ML Upgrade
Download PDF • 2.04MB

Small Island 1 LX draft
Download PDF • 3.84MB

Small Island Production Scheule ISSUE 4
Download PDF • 478KB


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