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What was that?

Inexplicable events and phenomen are still being reported as much now in the digital era, as before. If you do historic research to the beginning of the 19th or 20th centuries, all pre-digital or technical fiddling, the reports and stories beat great resemblance to now.

Now that multiple tv channels exist, many ufo dubious programmes are made, and, if one is a cynical, and a conspiracy theorist, then two trains of thought can be condensed from the myriad of possibilities. (NOTE: THOUGHTS NOT FACTS)

1. Saturation telly allows some semi-classified secrets to be used in a “back’s turned” transmitted and slowly filtered into the public domain manner. By so doing, UFOLOGISTS are suitably satisfied and also suppressed from detailed exploration.

2. Governments have agreed that the truth is just around the corner and will cause global panic. In order to suppress this, they are seeding small tv production companies, unknowingly, and are providing basic research materials enough to make suitable television. Thus drip feeding interest to those that watch the occasional episode. By so doing, there is no absolute fact either way, and sceptics and believers alike, are satisfied and fed to suitable levels of interest. And both sides are ready for the inevitable revelations which, when it breaks, won’t be totally shocking, and will hopefully quell panic enough. When it does happen, it will be when the ex terrestrial visitors decide, as earth humans have no control now, as they always have, but managed to suppress. The only thing is, what do they want? Is it a War of the Worlds or Close Encounters? Time will tell. Or will it?

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