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Our marketing banner says firmly at the top in a light hearted manner " We Don't Do Acting!"  Which indeed is true, we don't!  We do practically everything else though.  And if you are still wondering what that might entail, then here are some of the regular reoccurring requests from the organisations:


  • Production Manager

  • Technical Manager

  • Lighting Design

  • Lighting Board Programmer/Operator

  • Production/Chief Electrician

  • Assistant Electrician/Follow Spot Operator

  • Sound Designer

  • Sound Installation and Operator

  • Backline Support

  • Production Stage Manager

  • Stage Manager

  • Deputy Stage Manager (DSM)

  • Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)

  • ASM Props

  • ASM Effects ( Pyrotechnics, fog , etc.)

  • Scenic Design

  • Scenic construction

  • Matron/Chaperone

  • Video Design

  • Video Operation




These are the departmental titles that are used in the industry, and so we try and use them as much as possible; so that for those members that are aiming to, or have gone into the Arts, become acquainted with the terminology.

You do not need to know anything about anything to be a member, just an inexhaustible enthusiasm, lack of a social life and a liking for cakes ! Although the final one is optional.  

When you join us, we will ensure that we know what it is you are interested in.  Then we will, through our Co-Ordinator, try and crew you in that area where practical and possible.  It is important to us however, that we get you a broad knowledge and understanding of all aspects of all technical areas.  We also aim to appoint a shadow mentor too.


Whether you are 16 or 60, we always ensure that new members have someone they can turn to as their mentor and say "I'm afraid I don't understand"  


It's far safer to fess-up than to fowl-up! 

And probably cheaper too!


You will have more questions than we have immediate answers, but do have a look at the FAQ page - its on the Join Us page - How curious is that? The FAQs probably has had a stab at most of your questions.  We are always happy to have your questions, so do drop us an email and ask.  


For various logical reasons, we cannot of course have unknown people just dropping in, to a production fit-up therefore, if you are thinking of joining, but would like a try-before-buy session, please click and fill in the Join Us page first, so we have some information for legal and insurance purposes.  We will be back in touch, and then organise something for you.  It may not be immediate — especially if it is the summer.



Most of the events we assist with take part at Petersfield’s Festival Hall.  Formerly known as the Town Hall. 


The venue is very well equipped considering that anything you do in it you have to provide the workforce for and do yourself — yes, that‘s one reason why we formed!  We have plenty to do. 


State of the art technology is present in both sound and lighting and much more is often hired in from London suppliers for relevant productions too — but that’s why we help as we know where to go to  get it at discounted rates for our "customers". Some of our members also work in the entertainment industry as well as help for a hobby. But they still don't get paid by us though.  


Everyone  within The Green ‘A’  Team is voluntary, and proud of it too.


Throughout various generations, local townsfolk have contributed and assisted in fundraising events and activities to assist in the continued enhancements the Festival Hall has received.  Various plaques commemorating this are placed around the auditorium.  The first rack of tiered seating — in its time innovative, was raised purely through a buy-a-seat appeal, and everyone stumped up the cash.  Until it was replaced in the late 1980s, each seat had a name plaque on it dedicated to the person, group or business that had sponsored it.  Sadly, at the time of its destruction, no one thought to preserve the historic philanthropic Who's Who of Petersfield in the 1970s.  And that snapshot is now only in the memories of those that can recall reading them when the seating were retracted to the back of the auditorium.


To celebrate OUR tenth anniversary in August 2002, the Town Council granted permission for us to mount a plaque under the Flora Twort sketch of the East End philanthropist  GP, Dr. Harry Roberts' Do click to find out more about him too.  


To further commemorate this, additionally we also added a specific spotlight known to those in the business as a Strand Lighting Pattern 23N to illuminate “Our Harry” as part of the venues house light circuits.


It is the Town Council’s Council Tax precept today that funds such capital expenditure, and it is the Users of the venue who are invited to make suggestions and requests for improvements, enhancements and alterations accordingly.


Alongside assisting those organisations and societies that ask for technical assistance, we also try to guide our elected members serving on the Town Council towards a better understanding of needs, necessities and expectations, regarding all facilities relevant to all aspects of the creative, performing and visual arts community at the Festival Hall.


We are lucky as a community of the town of Petersfield to have it,


WE are proud to support it! 

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