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Defining the Brand of the voluntary group known as:

The Green ‘A’ Team  Registered CIO Number: 1199295 


We may be a small registered charity, but, like most organisations, we do have, and follow a brand statement.


Below are a few pointers to help you, should you be able to replicate anything about us in your programme, leaflet or brochure copy.  

Whilst we do supply freely above a PDF in RGB colour or greyscale, a copy for an advert in our house style including our logo, we do not supply here our logo independently.  


Should you wish it stand-alone, please contact the 

Gratis Membership recruitment advert in your programme:

1/4 Page A5 at Portrait:

If you have any space left in your programme, we would be most grateful if you would see fit to adding our advert into it.   Anyone with knowledge of layout, Word, Pages, Photoshop etc.,  will know how to, and what to do with the file.

Fonts are embedded into the files, however for reference:



Our brand font is Trebuchet MS

We respectfully request its use when replicating any copy provided by ourselves promoting or advertising our services.

Font Colour:  

Black,  80% +/-   deep grey or YOUR House colour


Images and Title of The Green ‘A’ Team are and remain © to its members and Trustees.  No unofficial use of or reference to it shall be made without written permission from the current Chairman, or Secretary. 

Your Programme, Our Members

We are always grateful when all of our members involved with your event, are correctly acknowledged within your programme listings.  Our Co-Ordinator will try and clarify all known Members and their titles with you in good time before you put your programme to bed.  Whilst often seen as trivial, a programme listing to some is the only proof  of their historical involvement in the production, and can be a major disincentive when their name is not included, after what can be many months of hard work.


Where it is your organisations policy to include Creative Heads biographies, we are of course pleased to endorse this, and welcome you to contact  to ensure all of our involved members are suitably given the same opportunity.

Copy Approval

We do not seek Copy Approval for any paragraphs, quotes or others provided by us where it is edited on content.  


Programme Listings

Our only insistence is to please, where you are mentioning our members as individuals in your programme/brochure,  ONLY place an asterisk or equivalent by their name and then, at the base of all personnel, replicate this brief explanatory note :-


*: Is a member of The Green ’A’ Team


*: Member of The Green ‘A’ Team


We are NOT, never have been, or will ever be entitled "Green A"  and this must not be used in any copy when referring to us as an organisation. Since becoming a CIO, we are reminded to ask you to ensure that the parenthesis adjacent to each side of our capital A are now singular : ‘A’; and no longer “A” ; this is a direct instruction from the Charity Commissioners office.  


For example, the following programme listing would therefor, be, and is, our preferred approach:



Set Design:         Jenny Wren

Lighting Design:  Ken Bright*

Props Mistress:   Jane Doe

Special Effects:  John Doe*



*: Member of The Green ‘A’ Team


Whereas the following demonstrate versions we do not approve of, nor would wish to be used:


Set Design:         Jenny Wren

Lighting Design:  Ken Bright* - The Green "A" Team

Props Mistress:   Jane Doe - Green A Team member

Special Effects:  John Doe* - Green "A" 



Our Foyer Display:

We respectfully request and advise that provision be made, and it be acceptable that, our FOH Display stand be give permission to be erected in the Foyer area during the Production period. 


It may additionally have some leaflets inviting new members, but initially it is an “Awareness Campaign” of our existence and the contribution we made towards your successful production.

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