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FAQ's about Joining and Membership
  • Why do I have to be at least 16 years old for membership



  • Because of the type of work you will be involved with and the potentially hazardous environments you work in. Even though you are not “employed” to work, the Law with regard to Health & Safety requires an adherence and respect to it and non-compliance or ignorance of the legal issues is not a defence in law.

  • 16 Years of age is also the age of use for access equipment at venues managed and owned by Petersfield Town Council - Access Equipment refers to ladders, Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPS) and Tallescopes. (Go on GOOGLE it and see what comes up!)



    I am afraid of heights so it's pretty pointless me joining then isn't it?


  • Absolutely not! get that form in now! We have plenty of ground based work that need doing, and not everything we do is Lighting either - there’s Stage Management and the like needed too!


  • I Don’t know how to wire a plug let alone how to change a light bulb!

  • First things first, LAMPS GLOW and BULBS GROW! Secondly, neither did a lot of the current membership when they joined, and that’s why we operate a strict probationary period for new Members. You have allocated mentoring to ensure that you cannot do any harm to yourself or those around you too!



  • Isn’t there a  lot of technology in theatres these days? I am not very good at remembering lots of things, and am afraid I may make a mistake...

  • True, there is sometimes a lot of technology backstage, but at the same time, there isn’t too!  Some productions use the magic of theatre to create the illusion of theatricality but actually, it can be literally bits of wire and “cat-gut” but in an audience it looks very technical - but you will never know unless you come along and have a go!


  • I was expecting more from your website...

  • That’s ok, because we have two!  One for the public and one for members!   Once you join we will give you a password to get into the members enclosure, and it’s via the public one too....!

  • The members site has over 15 topic pages to explore, and it’s growing by the week; It’s a cornucopia of exclusive theatrical knowledge a click away..


  • So, I join The Green “A” Team, what next? How do I know how to come and help?

  • Aha! well, with the members “key” to the site, you will have access to the diary and also the Co-Ordinator sends you a Text Message or Round Robin Email to remind you when we have a Crew Call for Rig/De-Rig if you are not already a Head of Department or allocated crew member. So there’s no jumping out!


  • As it’s quite technical, what tools or clothing should I have?

  • Good question! Again, we don’t like to give away too much to passers by!  So we keep that in our members site for you to read at your leisure once you are a member.


  • I can only get to a computer at the library or from a friends house, can I have a mail address instead please?

  • Rather than that, why not Contact us via email, explain your situation and we can make an alternative arrangement.  Alternatively, you could ask your local public Library to Fax us via our Web sponsors office Fax number.  That number is 0845 3700588


  • I really do want to join and get involved, however, I do have a medical condition that I really don’t want to discuss but, I feel that someone should know about just in case I have a moment.

  • Well that’s absolutely fine, we take personal confidentiality extremely seriously, and that is why we keep one file for such matters ONLY with our Co-Ordinator.  They know and IF they feel that your Head of Department should be aware, or that someone working with you should, then they will ask you first before they approach anyone. 




  • But I’m getting on a bit, and I don’t suppose you have “older” members do you?

  • Oh dear, how wrong can you be.  If anything we are proud to represent all ages and genres of the community.  Discrimination whether positive or negative is not part of our organisation, so head towards that Membership form page again!


  • I’m Colour Blind, but don’t want anyone to know, also that means I would be no use to you doesn’t it?

  • Absolutely NOT!  where did that excuse come from?  No you can still join, again being a Member of The Green “A” Team is all about learning and passing on that learning.  You may not be very rapid at choosing lighting Gel or wiring a three phase plug, BUT, you can certainly still do it under supervision and at the same time you certainly can do Stage Management, run a lighting desk, operate a follow spot, or for that matter design a show.  So please, don’t be put off by the possibility of not being able - there are plenty of possibilities yet to explore through us.


  • What about a CRB/DBS Check? everyone seems to have to have one these days. Where do you stand on CRB/DBS especially if you are working with or near minors?

  • We take the matter concerning the current legislation very seriously.  We also take direct professional advice immediately we believe there to be a concern with regard to members and the event potentially requiring members to be licenced.   However, as we work on behalf of a request from a society or organisation, we normally do not require such checks as chaperone/ matron adults are in direct supervision of minors in such an environment.

Join in the fun (and hard work too)


If you would like to give it a go, please fill in this brief application, then once our Secretary has the relevant information, they will invite you to an event and we will take it from there.  Go on, immerse yourself...

"Be Back Soon" from Lionel Bart's Oliver!

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